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Weight Loss Programs for Medicine Hat


Losing weight requires a specific series of movements and a targeted plan focused on getting you the results you want. Our unique, one on one approach not only focuses on your bod's personal capacity, taking into account your history, but it focuses on getting you the best results as quick as possible!

Gain the strategies and wisdom to give you a leading edge against excess weight. The profound benefits of losing weight are crucial to looking better and feeling better. If you're sick of wasting time, Ted is here to get you the results YOU NEED!

Every second is precious, and you deserve what's best for your mind, body, and soul. If you feel that a weight loss program is what you need, then now is the time! So get started today with a free training session and get started on your road to self-improvement. 

80% of your results are made in the kitchen while 20% of them are earned in the gym. We focus on your nutrition on the highest level to ensure optimal weight loss success. Our focus is on keeping you healthy, keeping you fed, keeping you happy, and achieving your ultimate goals.

Weight loss is a full circle method of changing habits and conditioning your body back into its optimal state. In order to do so, we must optimize your excercising strategies and nutritional balance at home. This way, we can expedite the delivery of results by targeting every side of weight loss. 

Gain valuable insights on how to eat right while still enjoying savory flavors in every meal. Before you know it, fried foods will be long gone and replaced with high nutrition and proteins. Return your body to its peak condition and start conquering every challenge in your life with energy and confidence once again.

Losing weight requires quite the fuel from your body. It’s going to require a great supplement program to ensure your body is getting everything it needs while you lose weight! Our approach is uniquely tailored and designed for each client's personal needs to ensure the quality of work that is expected while achieving the physique of your dreams.

Losing weight is known to be quite complex in the many areas targeted for results. So we have a few aces in the sleeve to help you on your way to achieving your goals. 

Pre-workout and post-workout supplements are a fantastic way of giving you the boost you need. Stimulate your body for the workouts and supply it with all the fuel it needs to maintain your desirable physique.

Weight Loss for Medicine Hat focused on RESULTS

Ted cuts straight to the point, no wasted time. If you want to improve your self-image and start appreciating your body, then you're in the right place.

Simplify things by having a professional guide you every step of the way. With expert advice, you will be targeting all aspects of losing weight for a full-circle method to success.

Regain stamina, endurance, immunity, strength, speed, and so much more! Weight loss may seem daunting to some, however, losing weight is a phenomenal way to feel alive again! So start today with a free session and set your sights on a brighter future.

Here's what people in Medicine Hat are asking about weight loss.

How do you lose 10 pounds in just one month?

Losing 10 pounds in one month would be hard work, requiring dedication and grit. In order to lose weight fast, you must first take the responsibility to yourself very seriously. Then, you should set a plan on daily habits, exercises, and caloric intakes. In order to lose weight as fast as possible, you must find out what works best for your body and lifestyle. So talking to Ted will help you gain a plan of action to start seeing results as soon as possible.

What causes weight loss?

Well there are quite a few factors that are in play when it comes to weight loss. Weight loss can be caused by medical preconditions that are out of your control, or through hard work in the gym and eating right at home. To find out the most efficient way of targeting all the aspects needed to lose weight, consult Ted today to find out more!

Why should I worry about weight loss?

Losing weight is important to looking better and feeling better. This helps the joints in your body experience less stress day to day, your organs don't have to work as hard, and you will have a more positive self image. If you are considering losing weight, the benefits outweigh the neglection of action.


Craig Clapper

Very Knowledgeable
Ted's friendly attitude and personal drive are contagious! He knows exactly when to push you to achieve what he knows you can do and when to step back and let you take the lead. His knowledge base on excersise, nutrition and physiology are very impressive!

Chris Buchan

Desire to Achieve
I trained with Ted in 2015. His passion and dedication to fitness and helping achieve desired results is unmatched. He is everything you could possibly need and want in a trainer. He gives strong support but also holds you firm to accountability in the commitment to yourself during your fitness journey.

Blake Shaw

Fixed my back!
As a trainer Ted is top notch. His attention to detail in both form and movement saved my ailing back. As a newcomer to the fitness world Ted showed patience & understanding in me. That said, he instilled in me a drive to better myself like no other trainer I've worked with before. Highly recommended.

Matthew Gourley

Judo Machine
Ted has to be one of the best personal trainers I've ever had the pleasure of hiring. He took me from a flabby father to an extremely lean Judo Machine and I'm incredibly thankful for everything he has done for me and my Business! I took the time to work through my goals and Ted helped me get into the Gym Habit, a habit I've maintained for months - something that I wasn't able to do on my own before. I couldn't be more thankful to Ted and if you're looking for a personal trainer, then there is no one else I could recommend.





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