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Achieve physical fitness and experience an amazing sense of well-being with our team of expert instructors. We will guide you in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle while helping you move towards your fitness goals!


About The Hulk Hut

Welcome to The Hulk Hut, where fitness meets transformation! At The Hulk Hut, we are dedicated to sculpting stronger bodies and nurturing resilient minds. With our expertise, personalized programs, and state-of-the-art facilities, we empower individuals on their fitness journeys. Join us in a community driven by passion, determination, and results. Together, let's unleash the Hulk within you!



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Training Programs

Whatever your fitness goals are, Hebrew Hulk Fitness is the most effective route to get the results you want.

  • online coaching

    At Hebrew Hulk, we understand that achieving your physical well-being goals is a unique journey for each individual. That's why we offer online coaching services catering to your needs and aspirations. Whether you're striving for muscle gains, weight loss, or overall fitness improvement, our one-on-one coaching is your key to remarkable results.

    Our experienced coaches provide personalized guidance, ensuring you stay on track and accountable throughout your fitness journey. With our online coaching, you'll receive expert advice, tailored workout plans, and nutritional support designed to help you attain the desirable well-being you've always envisioned. Trust in the Hebrew Hulk online coaching experience to transform your fitness goals into reality.

  • ONE-ON-ONE coaching

    Experience a transformative fitness journey with Ted's exclusive one-on-one coaching program, brought to you by the Hebrew Hulk. Gain invaluable insights into optimizing your gym routines for maximum effectiveness tailored to your unique goals and abilities.
    Whether you're a seasoned gym enthusiast or just starting out, Ted's expertise ensures you're on the path to success. With Ted as your dedicated coach, you'll receive constructive feedback, ensuring every movement counts towards your muscle growth and weight loss objectives. Say goodbye to wasted time and effort, and embrace a guided approach that guarantees results. Take the first step towards a stronger, healthier you with Ted's one-on-one coaching at Hebrew Hulk Fitness today!


Personal Training

Optimal Outcomes and Adaptable Training Schedules.

Group training isn't always the perfect fit for every fitness enthusiast. If you're someone who values personalized attention and a tailored approach to achieve your fitness goals, look no further than Hebrew Hulk Fitness. We offer individualized personal training designed to amplify your unique skills and help you conquer your fitness aspirations.
At Hebrew Hulk Fitness, we understand that each individual is different, and that's why our dedicated personal trainers are here to provide you with an extraordinary fitness experience customized to your needs and objectives. When you choose personal training with us, you're not just a face in a crowd; you're the focal point of our attention and commitment to helping you succeed on your fitness journey.


Collaborate within a group to enhance your personal growth.

If you thrive on the energy and camaraderie of group training, Hebrew Hulk Fitness has a tailored program that's perfect for you. Our team of seasoned instructors leads small groups, guaranteeing a personalized and engaging experience for every participant.
In our group training sessions, you won't just break a sweat but also form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for fitness. These sessions are more than just workouts; they're an opportunity to bond, encourage, and motivate one another. With Hebrew Hulk Fitness group training, you'll look forward to every session, knowing you're part of a supportive community that brings genuine enthusiasm to each workout. Don't miss out on the chance to train with us and become a part of this uplifting fitness family!



Our roomy fitness center is ideal for one on one personal training & equipped with all the essential workout gear.


Select activities that match your preferences and avoid paying for unnecessary ones.

Accessible to ALL

No matter your fitness level, you are welcome to join our fitness classes at any given time.


You have the freedom to choose a training plan, cost and schedule that fits your needs.

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Want to keep fit?

  • what does a personal trainer do?

    A personal trainer is someone who has the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to aid you in fitness goals. Personal trainers help guide you in the right direction with one on one coaching and mentoring. This helps people stay accountable and maintain the ambition needed to reach their goals in the gym

  • when do you need personal training?

    You should seek out personal training at any fitness level. Whether you are experienced in the gym or not, having your very own personal trainer in Medicine Hat will provide you with valuable information you may not know. This helps you tackle all the realms of fitness with someone by your side to keep you accountable.

  • is a personal trainer worth it?

    Having a personal trainer is always worth it if you are looking for results! Personal training gives the advantage of accountability to your goals partnered with a wealth of knowledge to make sure you do things right the first time.


How to Get Started

Ready to start a new and healthy chapter of your life?

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Here's your golden opportunity to explore and experience a complimentary consultation. We'll discuss your history, health, goals and create a personal plan to help you succeed. Discover the perfect fit for your journey toward a healthier, happier you, all at no cost to you. Give it a try and embark on the path to your fitness aspirations with confidence!


I am 66 years old, and have been working with Ted “the Hebrew Hulk” for several years. Prior to beginning my training this summer, I told him that I was planning a multi-day hike in the mountains of Southern California. Ted designed a specific workout program to strengthen areas of my body that would be put to the test on the hike and I feel that I am ready to tackle the mountains!
I have found him to be highly aware of my limitations, and he works to strengthen the areas that need improvement, eg. core, back strength, etc.
I firmly believe that my overall fitness and self-confused has dramatically improved.
I am looking forward to continue working with Hebrew Hulk Fitness


What can I say about Ted. We have become great friends over the past few years, and he has helped me with everything from nutrition to working out, mental and physical confidence. If you're looking for someone who will keep you honest to your goals and be the coach to push you to your physical and mental limits and to get you out of your comfort zone, the Hebrew Hulk is who you need in your corner.
He has the knowledge and experience and expertise to help you get to your next level. There isn't a more qualified trainer in the city I know. 


I can’t recommend Ted enough to anyone who is serious about training, and especially to people who are just starting out or are less confident in their training. He does a fantastic job of explaining both the how and the why to really help you understand and learn from his extensive knowledge. He is exceptionally patient and has a great demeanour to really motivate you in a positive way. And there is no doubt you’ll see the results of his training!(P.S. to the Ladies….he’s not at all creepy or full of himself!! This is a guy you’ll totally feel comfortable with even if you’re just starting out!!! I highly recommend Ted for any female.)



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