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Here's what having the right Sports Performance program in Medicine Hat can do for you

  • Work Harder
  • Move Faster
  • Feel Stronger
  • Beat Your Competition
  • Rise to the Top
  • Elevate Your Goals
  • Increase Endurance
  • Manifest Your Dreams
  • Reach Your A-Game

Sports Performance Solutions for Medicine Hat


If you’re looking to lose some weight for your next tournament, become a little more explosive for your next fight, focus on symmetry for your next show, or push the boundaries of your endurance – we’ve got you covered! Our Performance training stack is exactly what you’ll need!

Feeding a high performance machine requires a focused skill right down to the last macro nutrient. We want to ensure your ongoing success with a nutrition plan designed to fuel your body, mind, and competitive spirit!

Training your body involves fueling it in the most effective and efficient way possible. So with Ted's help, you will be targeting all the right areas to push yourself to the top in no time!

The performance supplement strategy is exactly what you’re going to need to take your capacity for training over the top. Designed specifically for those who demand more of their body, our comprehensive strategy will have you revved and ready to go for your next performance in no time!

What will sports performance training do for you?

If you're looking to compete at the highest level of your sport - you're in the right place. If it's time to take you to the next level of competition, you're ready to take your sport seriously as a professional athlete and become something more than you ever been.

Reach the highest levels of performance by pushing your body to superhuman levels. This requires dedication and precise training needed to maximize your capabilities.

This way you can say you are at the top of your game and start reaching your goals and earning your achievements for all your hard work!

Here's what people in Medicine Hat are asking about Sports Performance Training

What is sports performance training?

Sports performance training is the process of preparing an athlete for a specific sport. This is uniquely tailored to each athlete for their personal development and goals. Depending on the sport, the training will obviously vary, however, the Hebrew Hulk knows exactly what to target and ho2w to target it.

What does athletic performance mean?

This is the culmination of rigorous training and dieting in order to maximize the effectiveness of an athlete. This is a measurable progression of endurance, speed, strength, and more! In order to find out how to optimize the output and efficiency of your athletic performance, speak to Ted today and get started!

Why is training important to athletes?

Athletes are at the highest level of physical conditioning. This is what is absoultely necessary to reaching goals and staying on top of their game. To reach the top, you need to train and stick to it! The Hebrew Hulk offers unique programs tailored to each individual for them to find out exactly how to train in order to reach their goals and see results in their sport.


Craig Clapper

Very Knowledgeable
Ted's friendly attitude and personal drive are contagious! He knows exactly when to push you to achieve what he knows you can do and when to step back and let you take the lead. His knowledge base on excersise, nutrition and physiology are very impressive!

Chris Buchan

Desire to Achieve
I trained with Ted in 2015. His passion and dedication to fitness and helping achieve desired results is unmatched. He is everything you could possibly need and want in a trainer. He gives strong support but also holds you firm to accountability in the commitment to yourself during your fitness journey.

Blake Shaw

Fixed my back!
As a trainer Ted is top notch. His attention to detail in both form and movement saved my ailing back. As a newcomer to the fitness world Ted showed patience & understanding in me. That said, he instilled in me a drive to better myself like no other trainer I've worked with before. Highly recommended.

Matthew Gourley

Judo Machine
Ted has to be one of the best personal trainers I've ever had the pleasure of hiring. He took me from a flabby father to an extremely lean Judo Machine and I'm incredibly thankful for everything he has done for me and my Business! I took the time to work through my goals and Ted helped me get into the Gym Habit, a habit I've maintained for months - something that I wasn't able to do on my own before. I couldn't be more thankful to Ted and if you're looking for a personal trainer, then there is no one else I could recommend.





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