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Ted is extremely dedicated to helping his clients and comes up with a plan to make sure you hit your goals. He helped me drop weight while maintaining strength and muscle mass. I would highly recommend working with him as a coach.

September 2023

braeden r.

Ted is awesome! He helped me be accountable and reach my goal! In a short period of time, it was amazing to see the changes I made. I would definitely recommend him for any of your fitness goals!

November 2022

gabriel b.

Ted is hands down the best at what he does. His passion and knowledge are unlike any other! Ted has an organic knack for making you feel comfortable about getting out of your comfort zones and growing stronger in your body and your mind.

September 2022

tanya l.

As an athlete I was looking for someone to get me into the best shape capable of myself at that time. Ted will bring that out of you. The Hebrew Hulk shows up to workouts with intensity, a goal in mind, and the knowledge of someone who has a Ph.D. in this field. Ted brought me great results and passed on knowledge that I will use for life. Absolutely amazing trainer and an even better human being!!

If you want GAINZ you came to the right place!!

May 2022

koby l.

If you’re looking for a personalized approach to personal training, Ted is your guy! I had very specific goals not to lose weight but to change my body composition and everything was looked after for me from nutrition to my workout schedule. Everything is well explained and Ted makes himself available for questions and clarification when needed. I was encouraged and felt completely comfortable and confident throughout my entire program. Definitely check out the Hebrew Hulk!

May 2022

niki b.

We have become great friends over the past few years, and he has helped me with everything from nutrition to working out, and mental and physical confidence. If you're looking for someone who will keep you honest about your goals and be the coach to push you to your physical and mental limits and to get you out of your comfort zone, the Hebrew Hulk is who you need in your corner.He has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you get to your next level. There isn't a more qualified trainer in the city I know.

August 2023

keith g.

I can’t recommend Ted enough to anyone who is serious about training, and especially to people who are just starting out or are less confident in their training. He does a fantastic job of explaining both the how and the why to really help you understand and learn from his extensive knowledge. He is exceptionally patient and has a great demeanour to really motivate you in a positive way. And there is no doubt you’ll see the results of his training!
(P.S. to the Ladies….he’s not at all creepy or full of himself!! This is a guy you’ll totally feel comfortable with even if you’re just starting out!!! I highly recommend Ted for any female.)

July 2023

melanie r.

I am 66 years old, and have been working with Ted “the Hebrew Hulk” for several years. Prior to beginning my training this summer, I told him that I was planning a multi-day hike in the mountains of Southern California. Ted designed a specific workout program to strengthen areas of my body that would be put to the test on the hike and I feel that I am ready to tackle the mountains!I have found him to be highly aware of my limitations, and he works to strengthen the areas that need improvement, eg. core, back strength, etc.I firmly believe that my overall fitness and self-confidence have dramatically improved.I am looking forward to continue working with Hebrew Hulk Fitness

April 2022

Mark w.

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